LED PAR IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Using RGBAW+L

Release time:2021-01-11

MIFi River introduces the brightest LED PAR IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Using in rgbaw + L or rgbaw + UV or RGBW 4 1 mixed color and warm / cold white. Here we recommend two new super bright models, Power King 4, Power King 6 and Power King 2.

Power King 4 & Power King 6

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Power King 2

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Combining professional features and sleek black finish for this brilliant output, the power king 6 unit is great for all types of theatres, concerts and stage performances. They provide bright, professional quality dramatic lighting without releasing the uncomfortable heat of traditional halogen par cans due to their cold led operation. Compatible with the DMX protocol, they also provide a variety of functions and effects, far beyond the capabilities of standard halogen par.

King of power will bring rainbow to any stage, and it's capable of creating thousands of colors through smooth RGB mixing. Equipped with 18 rgbaw + L or rgbaw + UV 6-in-1 LEDs, it can change color quickly or slowly, select any color, and gradually change through 0-100% electronic dimming. It has beam angles of 10 °, 25 ° and 40 ° and can work in six different modes to meet different user requirements. It can also operate in voice activated, master / slave and manual modes without the need for a controller.

Outdoor LED PAR Cans 2.jpg

Outdoor LED PAR Cans.jpg

King of strength 2 is a warm white and cold white par available in one. Powered by 18 warm white (3000K) and 18 cold white (6500k) 1W LEDs, users can create perfect white tone through temperature control system. The device has gating effect and 0-100% electronic dimming. Three DMX channels can control cold white dimming, warm white dimming and gating speed. Power King 2 can also run in voice activated, master / slave and manual modes.

Both power king 6 and power King 2 models contain all the functions required by today's professional stage lighting users, such as the convenient 3-button DMX display panel at the rear, and multi voltage operation: AC100-240V, 47 / 63Hz. The device is equipped with a multi-functional dual bracket system, users can choose to hang the fixture or place it on the ground.

In addition to cooling the operating temperature, power king 6 and power King 2 have other operating advantages of halogen par tank. Their LEDs have a longer life and are rated at 50000 hours, which almost eliminates the time and cost of changing bulbs. They also consume much less power; despite their high brightness, each fixture consumes only 250 watts of power, saving energy costs and allowing more devices to run on a single circuit.

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