• 260W 10R Beam Moving Head
    (F-260 260W 10R Beam Moving Head)

    F-260 (260W Beam Moving Head)
    1) Large beam source
    2) Beam angle freely scaled
    3) Two independent rotating prism
    4) Double gobo wheel.
    5) Smoothly & quiet.

    Voltage:AC90-260v 50/60hz
    Rated Power:400W
    Color Temperature(CCT): 8500K, changeable
    Color Wheel: 14 color + white, halftone effect adjustment
    Gobo: 17 patterns + white
    Prisms: 8-facet prism + Honeycomb prism (2 prisms can be superimposed to 40, can be two-way independent rotation)
    Lamp: Imported 260W Lamp
    Fuse: 7A
    Ballast: Electrical
    Average lifetime: 2,000 hour (pack lamp & reflection cup to lengthen lifetime)
    Motors: 14 super mute motors, XY three-phase motor
    Frost/Atomization: independent frost effect, spot soft and natural
    Channel: 18CHs
    Control mode: international standard DMX512, automatic and master/ slave mode
    Surface: High temperature resistant plastic
    Body color: Orange/ Blue/ Black/ White
    Size: 320*220*580mm (LWH)
    Net Weight: 14.8kg

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