The best led par can for church.

Release time:2020-12-25

Should I use a traditional a PAR can or a LED PAR can for the church?


Many traditional church designers did not consider using lighting systems, so you may require trusses to be mounted higher up or in a hard to reach place. In this case, you may want to consider LED PAR light. LED PAR light have a much longer life hour rating (50,000hr – 100,00hr) than traditional par cans. Furthermore, LED PAR light do not require the replacement of color gel filters. In short, if your PAR light are hard to reach for maintenance, it is best that you get one that requires as little as possible.


To choose the best led par light for your church, you need to considerate the following factors:

1)      Flicker free. Many lower end led par can may flicker on camera as AC current modulates and the LED lamp cycles, producing flickering perceptible by video cameras. As any flickering in y our recording will probably ruin your recording, so you need to considerate a high end led par can.

2)      As quiet as possible. Good luck that we have many LED par cans are building with a fanless aluminum housing design for silent operation.


F-1215-6S (12*15W RGBAW+UV 6 in 1 indoor silent slim par) can be your best choice, it is 4KHZ, flicker free, 0-100% linear dimmer, silent without fan, what’s more, very competitive price. It can meet all your requests for a church LED par can.


 led par can (1).jpg

Super bright: Light Output: 17476 Lux at 1 meter, 1840 Lux at 3 meter, 715 Lux at 5 meter.


led par can (8).jpg

Durable, with a strong die casting aluminum housing, single or double yoke for optional. White or black housing for optional.

led par can (10).jpg

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