Why many lighting designers use a lot of par light in the stage & theatre?

Release time:2020-12-25

Why many lighting designers use a lot of par light in the stage & theatre?


LED par light is popular use in theatre and Stage Performances, because it can provide crisp, clean and efficient, also can send light in one relatively direct beam. Mifi River Lighting provide high quality led par can at reasonable prices.


If you’re in the stage and theatre world, you likely utilize the iconic Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) lamps. The can-style lighting system is an excellent option that provides crisp, clean, efficient light. They’re especially useful for the stage and theater because PAR lighting can send light in one relatively direct beam. If you’re looking for a new spotlight for a theatre or other business, Mifi River provides economical retrofit solutions that utilize LED technology for superior lighting.


LED par light can be used to uplight walls and backdrops to create an impactful scene or performance for your audience, you need a combination of factors. Creativity and adequate lighting are two of the more important requirements. A clearly defined circle can help draw the audience’s eyes, create an effect, or provide a distraction.


Flicker free & smooth dimmer.

A LED par can from Mifi River Lighting brightly lights the stage and provides visual clarity for the audience. These lights provide a high color rendering index. This means the light is similar natural sunlight as possible. Colors will show true-to-life when broadcast on TV or seen in person. Refresh rate at 4KHZ, which is flicker free, producing flickering perceptible by video cameras. 0-100% linear dimmer, dimmable lighting gives you full control. You can also manage the level of lighting you want in any particular scene. Whether you’re sharing your band’s performance, streaming to a live audience, or jamming in person, your audience won’t miss a beat.


Easy Installation

Switching from halogen or incandescent to LED PAR spotlights is an excellent choice for more efficient lighting at a much lower cost, also easy to install. Mifi River offers a different kinds of high-powered LED PAR can-lights at a lower cost, allowing more facilities to enhance their lighting immediately.


Here I want to recommend some popular and economic LED Par Cans.

1)       F-1812-6A (18*12W RGBAW+UV 6 in 1 led par light)

This is with a traditional strong die casting aluminum housing, with 18pcs of 12W RGBAW+UV 6 in 1 led, also can make with RGBAW+L 6 in 1 led. 0-100% linear dimmer & flicker free. We are still using the best quality housing, which is extremely durable. Very suitable for rental & project using. Except the good effects, it is also a cost-effective unit.

18pcs 6 in 1 par can.jpg 

par light compare 3.jpg

2)       F-1215-6S (12*15W RGBAW+UV 6 in 1 indoor silent slim par). This LED par can make with fanless die casting aluminum housing, can also make with CREE RGBW 4 in 1, RGBAW 5 in 1 or RGBAW+L 6 in 1 led. Single or double yoke, white or black housing. Super bright: 17476 Lux at 1 meter, 1840 Lux at 3 meter, 715 Lux at 5 meter. Can make with barndoor or top hat. Ip20 or IP65.

 theatre par can.jpg

3)       F-715-6S (7*15W RGBAW+UV 6 in 1 indoor silent par). If you need a par can for short distance using (4-5 meters), F-715-6S can be your best choice. With 7pcs of 15W RGBAW+UV 6 in 1 led, 0-100% linear dimmer & flicker free. Silent without fan. IP20 or IP65.

stage par light.jpg

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